Author Topic: See the 3 first class students with 5.0 CGPA from the same dept and set  (Read 165 times)

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300level APH department produced three 5.0 in the just released result!

Another news found its way into the history book of Funaab when three 300level students from the department of APH had a whopping 5.0 gp in the just released 1st semester result!

In an era in which getting a 4 point seems like winning World Cup for agric students ,yet one department produced three 5.0!..... Yes 5.0!, 5.0!! and another 5.0!!!

The names of the students are:
Temilade Debbie Okedoyin
Olatinwo Omowunmi A
Awotunde Ayodeji O.

Kindly read what they think contributed to their success:

Wunmi:What contributed to it?
Know what works for you and get on with it.

I felt gooooood💯💯

Olabisi:To say I'm elated is an understatement. God really surprised me and I must thank Him always. It's never easy I must say, I actually got challenged by two people. I was comfortable with my previous performance till Dr Fafiolu told me sometimes ago "bisi you ain't at your full can yet" that spurred me on the more.. and then my roommate,she's always attending night class while I read at home, whenever she's going I'll always feel motivated to intensify my study too. I'm glad it turned out well for both of us. In the end,all glory belongs to God.

Hawot:Can't really pinpoint to something in particular because I was not expecting it actually...i knew I nailed my exams but there was some shockers nao__like getting 1/20 in FIS test🙇‍♂..
God first, and I tried my best to leave no stone unturned
Good company & motivation 🤔

Ignoring the negative talks💯

Fonny Clown media

What are your thoughts on this? ???