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Confession Of A Lost Lover | Written by Ajayi Olubiyi

It was a sultry afternoon. Everyone at Morisot bus/stop was demanding to get a taxi down to its destination. A few taxis happen to be on the road. Finally He got a cab. He sat at the front sit right next to the driver. He looked at his back to greet the passengers riding with him too.

What is the cost of the transport fare?

He asked.

It’s just 25cents, I don’t expect you to beat the price down, if you don’t mind you can get down, there are alot of passengers who are ready to pay 30-35cents just for a closer distant

the driver said reluctantly.

I am alighting at the next junction

A passenger inside the taxi added.

I am going Hila’s way, can I board in?

A beautiful lady asked just outside the car from where I was.

You can enter its 20cents. I am sure you are not relaxed; just manage this space

A passenger at the back seat told her.

Thank you very much; I am a little comfortable now.

she responded

Young girl, you can come to the front seat, come and seat with this gentle man, this
place is a bit stress-free than that place

The driver said. He looked at the driver with a frown, he was kind of happy though, that was an opportunity to talk to a damsel.

Are you comfortable now

He asked her

Yes thanks, I am

She responded. The cab was silent once again. Everyone was trying to enjoy its ride; after all it has been a long day. He looked up to
her face and said.

Hi, My name is Damon, am sure you must be tired from your look, it’s just some distance to your junction. What’s your name if I may ask?

She was reluctant to answer; she knew everyone was trying to listen to how they were going to get along.

My name is Aubrey.

Whoa, that’s a nice name. I guess you are a twin. Your parent is really

I am a student in this state, am actually going to my hostel, and you are a student too

He asked.

No, i am aspiring to be one.

Then my institution will be best for you. I
guess you are a science student, you look brilliant.

Oh, thanks, I don’t think I like your
school, it’s close to my family house, I want to go to a distant school, far away from

, she said.

Well, you can still change your mind. My school is really nice. You are
getting off the taxi soon. Can I have your cell phone number?


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No, I don’t give my number to strangers

. She quoted.

I don’t think we are still strangers anymore, we are getting along already. Okay let me give you my number so you call me.

I said NO, I still can’t give you.

Now she was more serious than before. There was no way out again. Damon thought for a while. He opened his pin chat application, gave it to her to input her username.

I am sure you won’t say NO to this
again. I just want us to chat some other time.You are really cool and I will love to talk to you again.

She agreed and typed the username on His phone.

I will come online immediately when I get home. Do take care of yourself and regards to your twin.

The driver looked at the both of them and told Demon he was going to pay an extra fee for talking to a new girl in his taxi. The both of them chuckled. Damon watched her get down from the taxi. He has seen a blessing sent from above. They waved to each other and parted ways. The driver zoomed off. Damon looked complete as a gentle man for the first time in his life.

To be continued…..


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