“Females Should Shun Prostitution” _ Hon Mancot Thoughtful Message To All Freshers

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Congratulations to the Matriculants of today as you’re sworn in Officially as Bonafide Students of Federal University of Agricultural Abeokuta in which the University Registrar Dr Abdulakeem Adekola will present your List to the University Vice Chancellor Prof Felix Kolawole Salako to accept you as the new Ambassadors of the University.

The Orientation of the University freshman since three years ago have drastically changed negatively due to lack of Academic commitment but greediness to amass wealth that usually lead to Probation and subsequently Withdrawal from the University. This bad status have been rampant and it is distheartening that the Authorities involved in this are not doing enough to avoid this menace.


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Lie travels through the World but the Truth will surely overtake it one day, The rate of Greediness among females have led to various untimely and mysterious death and this does not exempt the males because they have been victims of police harassment, EFCC Interrogation and low level of Comfortability due to Individual and Collective engagement in accruing illegal Wealth.

The priority of any Intelligent Student should be the major reason your parent/Guardian sent you to the institution, those that are untimely rich are liable to die untimely since we all know the law of karma. The kind of friends you keep will affect your stay and outcome from the University an help develop yourself since FUNAAB have been endowed with many extracurricular activities that can Train you.

One of the Constitutional duties of the Academic Associations you’re paying her Annual dues is to see to your Academic performance and General welfare. Demand your Constitutional right from all the Executive and Representative of your Academic Association such as Coordination of Tutorials, Improvement of your knowledge in terms of Past Question provision and Making some vital Administrative moves to Reduce the rate of their members that are been withdrawn Annually from the University since that is one of the Manifesto they use for Election Campaign.

Religious Groups of FUNAAB were numerous though they are extremely religious but less Godly because it will be unfortunate to know that the Student Coordinators of the two prominent religions also engage themselves in immoral acts which affect the cultural and social development of the Institution. Form Academic groups, go to night class, Extra study your Assignment and Homework, Dedicate your time for Almighty God, Develop your entrepreneurial skills, Train yourself in Human resources development and I promise you that life of a greedy folk will never entice you.

The females that will train our children of tomorrow should be upright in all their dealings, they should shun prostitution, shun all forms of Illegal activities that can jeopardize their future and cut short their life span. The males on the other hand should know that their immediate community will be better when all males can be less greedy and be righteous in all their activities. Train yourself to be Academically excellent and be contented with with every penny coming from your righteous Client or Parents.

The University Management should look into this development has I have previously texted the Vice Chancellor Prof. Salako to increase the number of University’s Counselors to all colleges to improve the service delivery of this sector. I am of the opinion that by this Administrative development, the security rate of the school will be proper, there will be less involvement of Students in illicit drugs as well as Examination Malpractices.

Conclusively, let it be in your mind that some Students will not convocate and make sure that you’re never one of them. The glory of the Convocation day is to be the best students in both character and learning also make sure you’re one of the best in all Ramifications be it Religious, Moral, Character, Entrepreneurial and Academial.
I wish you happy Matriculation as you start the journey of success.

Hon Mancot Yusuff Abdulafeez


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