June 2018



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One Million Naira Also Donated By FUNAAB Alumni.

To boost transportation of students within and outside campus, the Alumni Association of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), has supported the institution with 10 mini-Suzuki branded buses.

Presenting the buses to the Vice-Chancellor (VC), Prof Kolawole Salako, the association’s President, Mr. Olusola Tobun, said the shuttle buses were meant to support the movement of students within the university and neighbouring communities like Isolu, Harmony Estate, the First Gate, Hostels, Farm, and other locations.

Tobun also spoke of plans to add bigger buses, promising that the fares would be affordable.

Responding, the VC thanked the Association for the noble gesture, which he said was timely in addressing the transportation challenge which had been giving Management concern.

“Last Monday, we had just seven buses working, but by today, we can boast of about 12 and more are still being repaired. Management has started reviewing students’ time table so that we don’t have too many students coming to the park at the same time. We are going to engage the student union to sensitise the students to always come in such a way that the batches will be convenient for the buses to pick them according to their time table,”

he said.

Lauding the association further, Salako disclosed that only recently, the Alumni donated N1 million to the university to computerise the Exams and Records Unit to facilitate the processing of transcripts.


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He assured the association of the highest level of transparency in the utilisation of the fund, adding that a committee, which would include two alumni  would be set up to oversee the spending of the funds and report to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics) and the Registrar.

The VC solicited more support saying:

“We will be expecting more support from the alumni. My thanks to every alumnus, those around and even those in diaspora and we want to believe we would have stronger ties.”

Source: The Nation


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FUNAAB Veterinary Graduates Among the Best in the Continent

The Veterinary Council of Nigeria (VCN) has admitted 43 Graduates of College of the Veterinary Medicine (COLVET), Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) into the Veterinary Profession.

Speaking at the occasion, the Acting Registrar of the Veterinary Council of Nigeria (VCN), Dr. Josiah Kantiyok commended the exceptional quality of FUNAAB’s Veterinary Medicine Programme, saying that her College of Veterinary Medicine (COLVET) has what it takes to train graduates that will favourably compete with their counterparts internationally.

Earlier in his address, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Kolawole Salako ranked the veterinary graduates of the institution among the best in the continent, pointing out that the University does not only train the Veterinarian but go the extra mile to build them.

He stated that the university had always worked hard to improve on learning and training facilities in her College of Veterinary Medicine, in order to maintain high standard and excellence, saying it had given the Veterinarians trained by the institution to compete favourably with their colleagues within and outside the country.

He disclosed that the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) programme in FUNAAB has enjoyed full accreditation of National Universities Commission (NUC) since 2009.


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Hon. (Dr.) Godwin Ejikeme Abonyi, the President of Nigeria Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA), represented by NVMA National Vice-President, Dr. Teddy Essien, reminded the Inductees to uphold the ethics of the Association and urged them to be hardworking and result, oriented professionals.

Dr. Segun Akinlolu, a Veterinary Doctor, popularly known as ‘Beautiful Nubia’ urged the inductees to learn to be comfortable wherever they find themselves, saying

  • “what you do after school is what makes you a Veterinary Doctor and not just graduating from the College”.

Renowned Musician, however, disclosed to the surprise of the inductees and invited guests that he is a Veterinary Doctor.



The simple formula written above is as simple as ABC, with expenditure telling us how money would be spent and REVENUE tells us how much we are to expect or generate from every means legally possible. It’s quite unfortunate that the current leadership of the FUNAAB student’s union failed in their efforts to present a complete budget whilst presenting an over bloated expenditure chart.

May I state clearly that the STUDENTS UNION would be expected to generate between 6-7million naira as revenue from the collection of dues from its members but a budget of an excess of 18 million naira was presented for ratification.

Now please don’t get me wrong at this point because personally, I love the programs and events lined up for funaabites coupled with the projected A-list artists that the union would love funaabites to see in the school but it’s just sense knowledge that one must cut its coat according to its size.

And when the budget was presented to the SRA arm of government, it was cut down back to fit the expected IGR from dues collection and lots of the cool programs were either awarded grants or were cancelled out rightly because the union can’t afford it. A grant is a certain amount of money allotted for an event, to be used by the organizing committee to plan the event and the grant mustn’t be touched by the person executing an event if he or she knows that the program won’t be feasible. In any case, I personally like this style, provided an effective audit committee and not public figure heads would carry out their duties when the time is right.


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That’s how sports director added funaab Olympics to his own plan ooh. This one was very funny for me. The difference between what he wrote in his own part of the expenditure chart and intercollegiate competition is simply no difference. In other words, NA SCAM…lol. He messed himself up when he wrote for the purchase of equipment and sports accessories that the school’s sports center has already. To show that he didn’t carry out his research properly, he wants to buy CHESS, MONOPOLY AND SCRABBLE for N6000. Offside flag N8,000 and corner flag N10,000 as if they want to collect the one from Russia. Well, I am a chess player and 1 good chess board costs just N3500…lol. Thank god for the good men and women in the SRA arm of government who scrapped it sharp sharp.

PRO said he wants to build a website for N60,000 plus a camera(CANNON) for N100,000. It looked like a noble idea but the SRA members didn’t buy into that at all. SCRAPPED.

SOCIAL DIRECTOR brought a new innovation, requesting for a sum of N925,000 for FUNAABSU ULTIMATE SEARCH. This one is like saying PERU would win world cup… it was SCRAPPED my people.
Lastly, PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT would have a lot to do as they have great and life changing initiatives that I believe can stand the test of time. But it’s important that misappropriation of funds must be avoided especially during the union week and the production of souvenirs through the office of the welfare director.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the SRA should address the issue of the expenditure chart by asking the executives to show them ways the union would be generating revenue and we can start to have a running system that can become a strong government in years to come.

Source: Ofubu Lucas Lugiboss Zeus for Fonny Clown Media

“I happen to be a direct beneficiary” – Hon Mancot

Wholeheartedly, some FUNAABITES during the previous 2016/2017 Academic session decided to improve the Academic Excellence of fellow students with some of their Audacious moves with various Academic Stakeholders in the University. Majority of Students don’t know the merits of the movement which yielded a lot of positive outcome for majority of the Final Year students. As the First Semester Examination is Approaching all Students need some holistic Measures in the way their Academic career would be Addressed.

Any Achievement in life that is not sustainable is not worthy of being referred to as an Accomplishment since majority of the Students Leaders engaged in the Group then were Finalist which broke the continuity of the Initiative. The Group is a movement that is supposed to be a continuous one due to the relative success Achieved in the previous Academic year. I want to Kindly challenge all Undergraduate to look inward and make a plan on how to sustain the movement so that you too can also improve the Academic performance of yourself and other Students.

Majority of Students were helped during the time frame of the SSANU, NASU and NAAT strike action, Some record of 0F result were tabled diplomatically to the Approximate quarters, Tutorials were conducted among all levels most especially Final year students, Reasonable and Justifiable Rectification were followed up duly without any bias, The Student Group was able to secure Some special lecture halls for Night Study/Class, other Assistance were rendered in all Ramifications and lest I forget the strike Action affected the move of the group in collating the Statistics of Students with lower Level courses for a Proper Attention from the Course Coordinators.

I happen to be a direct beneficiary of the Group because of the help of some Brilliant students among us in teaching us Adequately during Tutorial for difficult courses such as SOS 513, SOS 515, PCP 501 etc. The Group also helped me directly in gaining access to the most silent environment for Study as well as Precision Practise of the Question of Our Academic Seniors.

The Group was also supported diligently by the following students leaders: Hon Mancot Yusuff Abdulafeez, Biobaku AK Kennybio, Hon Patrick Adeyemi Ridwan, Mack Odebowale Hopemack, Oluwajuwonlo Osunbiyi, Wahab Muhammed Oladele, Prince Sahid Abolade Bamigboye, John Egbekunle Ololade, abiodun Abiodun Horlarheeworlar Rasaq, Abdul Alim Ajenifuja, and host of others.

Conclusively, I want to urge all Academic Associations on campus to conduct Tutorial from 100- Final year, Coordinate Night Reading, Provide past Questions for preparation, See to the Emotional balance of their Annual due payers and also try to reduce failure by improving success because it is better to Maintain Success than to Manage Failure.

International Youth Advocate

The Pioneer Marshals and Patriots Never Had it Easy.

The journey of a thousand miles they say begins
with a step. Such is the story of Man O’ War FUNAAB
founded in 1988 at the establishment of the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, with  only 25 members led by the pioneer Coordinator-in-Chief,
Patriot Moshood Kolawole Badmus and other members  who shared same vision.

H o w e v e r , t h e organization became fully
registered on April 12, 1990 as the first student organization on campus.

The pioneer Marshals and Patriots never had it easy, but with their resolve to face all odds that in the  course of making the dream a reality got supports from people of like minds who shared their vision by
supporting the organization financially, physically and

The beginning was however more of an uphill task for the 25 founding members who at that time were faced with series of challenges ranging from the mobility of members, accommodation, finances and most especially, uncomplimentary gestures of other students towards the organization.

An excerpt from the Burgle bulletin: Man O’ War FUNAAB: 30 Years of Building Resilience. Click here to download the full bulletin.

DJ Enimoney’s Tour didn’t hold in Funaab. While many schools benefitted from DJ Enimoney’s repertoire and the retinue of top notch artistes he was able to bring in, sadly, Funaab missed out. Not many students noticed though, probably we all were boggled down by the religious and academic activities that startled us last month May, but a section of the students observed the show which was billed to take place last month didn’t just happen.

Before school resumed for the session, graphics were already flying over social media about the show, partners and deals were sealed and all parties involved were gearing up for what could be the greatest music concert to be held in Funaab in the last five years.

And what consequences this could have for future music shows that would hold in Funaab.

DJ Enimoney’s Tour didn’t hold in Funaab. While many schools benefitted from DJ Enimoney’s repertoire and the retinue of top notch artistes he was able to bring in, sadly, Funaab missed out. Not many students noticed though, probably we all were boggled down by the religious and academic activities that startled us last month May, but a section of the students observed the show which was billed to take place last month didn’t just happen.

Before school resumed for the session, graphics were already flying over social media about the show, partners and deals were sealed and all parties involved were gearing up for what could be the greatest music concert to be held in Funaab in the last five years.

DJ Enimoney’s Tour poster for Funaab

Truth is many established acts have had the opportunity to come to Funaab, but no one has been able to shut down a venue before. Remember when Lil Kesh came in 2015, YAGI couldn’t fill half of Yakub. Kiss Daniel came in 2016, tickets had to be put out for free just to make the students attend, but was ceremonial building filled up to the brim?
Or have we all forgotten Reekado Banks Thank You Concert that had less than 500 studentsin attendance despite the array of top notch acts(Wale Turner, Mr 2Kay, D’prince) that came?

Reekado Banks performed to a scanty crowd at Ceremonial building in 2017
hat Happened? 
The same excuse we’ve been associated with…Funaabites are not social.

However, we all were looking forward to DJ Enimoney’s Tour for a nice timeout.
With the Wobey sound still on at the max level, we were sure DJ Enimoney was coming with the creators of the Shaku Shaku Wave and having been briefed about that students are not moved by average artistes, DJ Enimoney made it known he was coming with the originators of the wobey sound. Idowest and Slimcase were confirmed for Funaab and alongside the two YBNL acts, Limerick and Lyta coupled with Lil Kesh, Ceremonial building was billed for a shutdown.

Then, All of a sudden, Hopes were dashed! The Tour was cancelled.

Funaab didn’t just missed the chance, the students also did. Everyone from the creators, facilitators of this event down to the students and upcoming artistes missed out on a crucial chance to witness a performance from some of Nigeria’s best entertainers. The timing was right, a few weeks into the semester, the tickets were affordable and ceremonial building was scheduled for a shutdown.

But it failed to hold. Why? The SUG, Your SUG, Our SUG!

Surprised the SUG is involved in this? For the first time since last year when Mayorkun came to JAO3, we were having a grand event at a very high standard.

The official media partner, Ogbeni Opa, a social media influencer and brand promoter sums it up

“The SUG wanted a share of the gate fees and since they were the paramount students’ body, we obliged. Thing is other students’ unions in other schools that the Tour held didn’t even ask for a dime.

After agreeing on the cut, the SUG social secretary didn’t show readiness in helping the team to secure the proposed venue. And with the school strict with the use of ceremonial building for social activities, running the proposal through the SUG would help propel the cause but the social sec wasn’t forthcoming and since the event was just weeks away, and putting other factors into consideration, we decided to cancel it.”

All efforts to reach the SUG Social Secretary to hear his side of the story has been met with a brickwall as he said he’s busy. Calls to Spicey have received no response as the time of this story.

“The SUG wanted a share of the gate fees and since they were the paramount students’ body, we obliged. Thing is other students’ unions in other schools that the Tour held didn’t even ask for a dime.”— Ogbeni Opa.

There’s a reason why it’s a disappointment for Funaab and its music creators. We missed out on a chance to see these artistes perform live in our own dormitory. We’ve always been wasting data streaming videos on YouTube watching them perform. Now they had the chance to come. Imagine the “G boys” singing to Lyta’s Time or the wild screams that will be heard when Lil Kesh performs Baby Favour to the ladies. This was the Music Industry coming down to us. We missed a lifetime opportunity and we continue to bear the stigma “Funaab Students are not social”

DJ Enimoney having fun with the students of TASUED

This would be a signal to other artistes thinking of holding a tour around schools.
“Don’t go to Funaab, you would run at a loss”.

While schools like Unilag, Uniben and UI often experience the best talents in the industry coming down to their schools, it just seems we are content listening to them from our phones. We might never have any top notch artistes coming to Funaab. Can Reekado Banks ever think of coming to Funaab again? Lil Kesh didn’t even fill half of Yakub. We might just continue to have deadbeat artistes coming for our SUG night. We might just have Skuki and DJ Zeez coming back again.

DJ Zeez and Skuki performing at GTCrea8 concert in 2017

I felt disappointed not only for the students but for the upcoming artistes who missed out on a special opportunity. It was certain Funaab artistes would open the stage for these guys and also perform at certain intervals. These artistes would have been impressed by the performance of our own guys. We could have secured a Hamydgrey X Idowest feature or a Bernito and Limerick collaboration.

There are concerns that there will be repercussions as a result of the failure of the event to hold. But the bigger worry is that it will not be limited to the students alone. The fear holds that such occurrences will potentially spill over into future dealings between The SUG and Nigerian artistes and by extension, these artistes might not want to explore the Funaabmarket.

Overall, I’m disappointed. Everyone is disappointed. The Slay Mamas who had hoped to follow some of these artistes into their hotel rooms were disappointed. The upcoming artistes missed out on a chance to showcase their music to the established acts. Some of us missed out on an experience with Otunba Lamba, Slimcase. While majority missed out on the opportunity to take a selfie with some of these acts.

Source: Funaab Juice

Located in a conserved forest of about 200 meters away from the main gate of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, the FUNAAB Zoo Park, is the first of its kind in the annals of zoological gardens in academic institutions of Nigeria.
Geographically the park covers an area of approximately 62 hectares of land which offers a rich conservation area for many species of animals and plants And to aid easy movement around the park, there is an open-roof safari jeep which can take visitors around the zoo.

However, apart from serving as a resource for research for those students who offer courses in Forestry, Zoology, veterinary and botanical fields, FUNAAB Zoo Park also serves the general public as leisure garden to appreciate nature and see different animals in their natural habitat.

Particularly different from regular zoos, FUNAAB Zoo Park can be likened to a mini safari with some free-range animals like the donkey.

As a matter of fact, it is usual for tourists to come across harmless animals running here and there, occasionally

Interestingly, the various segments in the park are well designated and there are directional signs to guide the visitors as to where they are headed while inside the park.

There are sections for birds, reptiles, and other animals like monkeys, baboons, jackals, hyenas, and antelopes among others.

And to aid easy movement around the park, there is an open-roof safari jeep which can take visitors around the zoo.


Agricultural Media Resources and Extension Centre (AMREC), Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), has empowered some selected secondary school students in Ogun State with skills and knowledge in poultry production at its Capacity Building Training organised by the Extension and Adaptive Research (EAR), unit of the centre.

Professor Dorcas Adegbites, Director of AMREC, in her address, said that the training was in line with the extension mandate of the university aimed at improving agricultural enterprise and food production capacity of the public including students.

She said that the training is one of the series of Agriculture in-Schools Projects, noting that in the past, they had organised workshops in pig production, rabbit production and fish production, adding that some of the schools trained had established their own farms.

The director also added that capacity training on poultry was chosen due to its high economic importance that includes meat/egg production, income generation, the creation of job opportunities and scientific research.

She added that poultry is free from any social taboo and religious bigotry, stressing that it has high-quality meat with low calorie, low fat, and low in cholesterol but rich in vitamin A.

Furthermore, Professor Adegbite noted that poultry production is capital intensive but has multiple turnovers within a short period, adding that harnessing poultry industry would be an additional source of protein in Nigerians’ meals as well as help to bring down the price of beef.

Delivering his paper on Turkey Production, Dr. Oladele Oso, the Head of Department, Animal Nutrition, College of Animal Science and Livestock Production (COLANIM), FUNAAB, disclosed that turkey needs six major nutrients for energy and healthy growth; they are the carbohydrate, lipid, protein, vitamins, minerals and water.

He added that starting a turkey farm would require capital, housing, feeders, water trough, turkey (poultry or 4-6 weeks old), feed, drugs and medication.

Making their presentation during the training, Dr. Kazeem Bello and Titilayo Irekhore informed that layers are reared for the purpose of eggs, saying that eggs could be a white shell, brown shell or blue shell, noting that blue-shelled egg is not common in Nigeria.

Professor Kolawole Salako, Vice-Chancellor of the university, while declaring the workshop open said that the extension mandate of the university covers the Southwestern part of Nigeria – Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti and Ondo states and it is charged with the responsibility of transferring proven technology in agricultural production, processing, utilisation, packaging storage and marketing to trainers and interested members of the public.

Professor Salako, who was represented by Professor Lateef Sanni, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development) stated that the training and FUNAAB Annual School Poultry Contest that were launched were intended to encourage poultry production as a means of supplying the much-needed animal protein as well as stimulating the spirit of entrepreneurship in students at the secondary school level.

He added that FUNAAB Annual School Poultry Contest would commence later in the year and would be executed through sponsorship and in two parts, Annual Poultry Quiz Competition involving students’ representatives and Annual Poultry Rearing and Show to involve rearing of poultry (broiler chickens) by schools, documentation of performance and an exhibition of the birds at the end of the rearing period.

The vice-chancellor implored the state government to equip secondary schools for practical agricultural production so that students would be able to put to practice what they learn in class as well as participate in the contest.

He also appealed to the World Poultry Association, Nigeria branch, Poultry Association of Nigeria, Ogun State chapter, hatcheries, feed and other poultry input producers and suppliers as well as successful poultry farmers in the state to support the university.

Professor Salako then charged the participants to pay rapt attention to ensure that every salient point is well captured as this could help their future life career or business venture.

Source: Independent NG

Earlier he had tweeted “this car wan kill me o”

A final year student of Lead City University, Oyo state, Daniel Ilesanmi, also known as Smade,died in a fatal accident in Ibadan today June 10th.
Daniel  was a final year student in the department of Sociology and was very popular for his portrait photography style.

According to reports, Daniel was driving his Mazda 626 sport car, which he just bought, along the Challenge-Toll Gate Link, when he lost control.  His car flipped several times in the air before landing on other cars in the opposite lane.

The accident claimed the life of one other person.

Daniel’s car  is currently a total write-off. Just minutes earlier he had tweeted “this car wan kill me o”. He is in his popularly known for his portrait photography and recently won the award for “Multimedia practitioner of the year” at the lead city university awards in April 2018

His body has been deposited at the Adeoyo Mortuary, along RingRoad Ibadan. May his soul rest in peace. See pictures below;

Sicario: Day of the Soldado

  |  ActionCrime, Drama 

If you have seen sicario 1, then you definitely want yo see this sequel. I never imagined that this hair standing block buster action mivie coupd have a sequel. The drug war on the US-Mexico border has escalated as the cartels have begun trafficking terrorists across the US border. To fight the war, federal agent Matt Graver re-teams with the mercurial Alejandro.

Watch trailer below