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Important Notice: Resolution Reached By The FUNAABSU and School Management

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The Students Union leadership held a meeting with the University governing council on friday the 13th of July below are the resolutions made


We made our grievances known to the school management as our students are experiencing several errors in verifing their result, errors such as wrong exams number, vending error and so on was discussed; The leadership of the Student Union as critically examined the result verification and has found it useful as it has helped detect various errors that may affect students after there programme, we then requested for a further extension of the deadline till second semester which was granted and there should be communication to the examination body to correct their errors this was granted the students union uses this medium to enjoy funaabites who are yet to do the verification to keep trying and do it on or before 2nd week of second semester which is the new deadline failure to do so lead to no result for the defaulters.


The school managrment expresses their bitterness on the *183 defaulters* of the course registration after all the measures put in place to make sure all students register, We were also reminded that we were always coming for extension of course registration and payment of school which was granted *THRICE(3×)*. The management made it known that the rules was bent as normally the penalty should have been rustication after which *SENATE* took a less decision to be level of absence.
The student Union appeal on behalf of the defaulters for reconsideration. After a brief discussion the Vice chancellor concluded that another senate meeting would be called this week which course registration reconsideration would be addressed he further stated that student with genuine cases such that are affected as a result of change of programme or change in cucirculum would be attended to immediately once they have provided letter from their H.O.D, we urge funaabites to be prayerful as our hands are on deck.


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The Students Union Welfare director pointed out certain requirement funaabites would be needing for the forthcoming examination such as;
Drugs and additional doctors at the health centers
Opening of more classroom for night reading
Longer working hours for the Generator for night reading.
Longer working hours for transporation (Mancot)
Additional information would still be sent across on this regards.


The Students union leadership asked the School management the reason for the delay in the issuance of ID card and urge them for immediate release; The ICTREC director stated that issuance of ID card begin this week with Fresh student as old ID card can be used for 2017/2018 Examination by staylites.



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