August 2018



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Hola everyone!

It’s been quite a while since we last did this. Forgive me though, these gadgets could be unpredictable.
A lot happened during the course of the break, but lets’ talk about something I’da TV never talked about before.

What more can you say about love?

You’re so deeply in love with someone, but he/she is into someone else. Ironically, a soul loves you with the whole of his/her heart, willing to save you from the clutches of a dragon, but unfortunately, you don’t feel the same way. Talking about playing your penalty to throw – in

Quite stupefying I’m blogging about love in this episode. I’ve never been the lovey-dovey type and should probably take a  LOVE101 course. Also, considering I rarely fall in love [forget those misplaced feelings we ought to be channeling to our studies back then as a teenager], I have this piece a friend shared with me, and that’s what we’re gonna be doing today. So folks, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of this episode.

One major/crucial thing that promotes a relationship is ‘communication’. How well you guys get into conversation, knowing when to do the serious talks, when to talk dirty and also, when to do the hilarious bit, could go a long way in maintaining a healthy relationship. The days of free midnight calls made a lot of relationships grow!

A very good friend of mine, who I know quite sucks at keeping/engaging in a long conversation [one thing he is trying to improve though]. The best he could keep up a discussion at some point was forty seconds, asking the Nigerian guys routine questions like ‘have you eaten?’ or ‘how was your day?’ That was all it was for him back in the day.

Apparently, there was a gorgeous lady he was seeing, things moved on well and  they got intimate and like most guys, we all fantasize how the lady of our dreams should look like, but as gorgeous as this babe was, she came nowhere close to being the lady he had always fantasized about.

He finds it very easy and comfortable to engage in discussions with her and could talk to any length. A minute is never enough to talk to her on phone and so doesn’t call and as the hustling chap, airtime no too dey.. Call me cheap but when all these telcos go carry midnight call come back ehn?


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Surprisingly, he had deleted her number for quite sometimes already in a bid to deter himself from being a “no life guy”, cos after talking to her for let’s say three minutes, in some two hours he’d be having the urge to wanting to speak with her again.

Somehow, he does get the number back and naturally with anyone you talk to alot, the babe’s number was tattooed in his subconscious.

love labyrinthThe “koko” of you being in love is you wanting to hear this individual’s voice over and over again, always care for him/her and all that, so I asked him if he is in love. He said,

“ Seun, I asked myself that same question for a number of times and didn’t want to espouse that, but as much as I tried fight back this strange feeling, the more it keeps coming back”.

In one of their long deep conversation he asked a random question and which led to him confessing how he feels for her, but unfortunately [or maybe otherwise ], she was with someone else. He wasn’t hurt nor heartbroken [though was sincerely dejected], but letting out the feeling was more of a soothing relief for him. He had to move on and one thing he should probably be a LASTMA awardee for is how well he moved on; shxt’s never easy!

On the flip side, there  was this babe, she set die! Remember Chelsea’s 3-4-3 formation last season? They still didn’t have anything on the babe!  Babe was into this my guy and all she only  wants from him is to reciprocate this feeling, but no, it wouldn’t just happen. The anguish of misplaced feelings.

Confusing right? Yeah that’s how love could be a total labyrinth.

I was at a friend’s place some couple of days back and saw these young lovers cuddling. These young folks were so much drunk in love and the sight of this got me thinking.

The world’s population is estimated at over 7 billion people. Someone somewhere will love you as much as you do love them. It probably might take time for them to come around, but they’d surely come your way.
I’m all mushy and emotional huh?

Anyway leave me a comment below telling me about a  complicated time you have been in love.

Kelekun Oluwaseun


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Rats don do me strong thing

Hi folks!

I hope you did enjoy my last post. It’s after dark and I have got Simi’s angelic voice seeping through my hands free hoping it serenade me to sleep.
I have lost count on how many times I did have listened to her album “Simisola” and I have got this one “Gone for good” on repeat right now.

What more can you ask for from the young lady? Talk of quality, production, lyrical content, vocals etc, you’d agree with me the album is top notch.

I’m not writing about Simi today though, so let’s get down to the brass tack for this episode.
It was a terrifying day for me, ask me why? Chill..

We’ve heard stories of rats running rampant everywhere (Garba Shehu told guys why Mr. President couldn’t work in his office), my room was also a victim.

It all started around midnight o, it’s beyond me how these two rats scaled through my door, considering armoury I had put in place. These two apparent lovers, maybe looking for where to pass the night, survived and came in.

Their dazzling wouldn’t allow me sleep, ranging from scavenging for left over inside the waste bin, to eating the woods on the door in their bid to escape.

At some point, It was like playing the popular game “Temple run” when my chi couldn’t take it any longer and tried see if I could kill these things and get some good sleep.

My unwelcomed nocturnal beings wouldn’t allow me sleep, not until 4:00am and I’d be having an 8:00am class so must hit the road before seven; oshamo, life of an undergrad..

I don’t know what it is about time. It tends to flash away when you’re having an exhilarating time or a good sleep, I woke up around six, in a lazy man-like rolled to the other side of my bed, checked the time on my phone and in a typical procrastinator thinking, told myself to sleep for another 30 minutes, get ready before seven and zoom off to school.

Its not that I slept like that o, just to close my eyes and open it, check the time, it was 7:30am (Jesu!).WTF? This is one of those moments you did wish you had a Barry Allen’s ability. I hurriedly tried to do the necessary stuff and the most annoying part is the number of miles I had to go and fetch water ( Na the life of campite be dat o).

In some 30 minutes, I was all set, ready to hit the road and then I noticed this small hole at the back of the jean I was gonna put on (chai! Rats don do me strong thing). I changed the pair and swooshed off to school, combining my walking and running skills.

It was a busy Monday morning and most people are also trying to get to class ASAP, so transportation was hectic. I fought my way through to get a bus (as a bad sharp guy now)and then the unfortunate happened when the driver requested for our fare.

The pair of jeans I had my cash was the one these rats distorted, and I forgot to collect the cash (Ayemi temi bami!). I thanked my stars it was right there at the car park he requested for the cash, imagine we got to school and I wasn’t able to pay on demand (talking about spoiling my career be that). I had no choice than to go back home and take the money. This is not the way I had hope to start my week, but I had no choice than to run to and fro (close to what Mo Farah won 4 Olympic gold medals for o), got back to the car pack sweating profusely like a convict about to be sentenced.

I got to school around nine, jogged off to class and the most frustrating thing is that the lecturer is not even yet in class (and ASUU go talk say dey wan strike). It was all work from then to six. Imagine 8-6 class, dey wan kill person?

Talking about the Rats now, the battle line has just being drawn. Their mates are in Aso Rock enjoying the life of their head (jaye ori won), these ones are here scavenging for my left over concoction rice.


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You’d seen what rat razzmatazz caused me?

Thanks for reading, drop your comments and please share with friends.

Written by Kelekun Oluwaseun

FUNAAB VC, Professor Kolawole Salako, recently commissions and hands over the College of Food Science and Human Ecology (COLFHEC) phase II

An International Foundation, specialized in driving job creation through entrepreneurship, skills development and innovation, The Wadhwani Foundation has indicated interest in the training and development of students of Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB), through entrepreneurial drive and training.

Speaking about the Foundation and its benefits to FUNAAB with the Director, Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies (CENTS) and his team, during a visit to the institution , the Executive Vice-President of the Foundation, Sunita Singh noted that aside facilitating high-quality job creation through entrepreneurship, skills development and innovation; it also inspires, educates and supports student entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs.

She added that the foundation runs hyper-growth business accelerators, for growth startups and SMEs as well as empowers non-college-bound graduates with work-skills to command family support wages.

The Director of CENTS, Professor Babatunde Adewumi later led a two-man team from the foundation to FUNAAB companies, where they toured the bakery and the Cassava Processing Factory.

“Wadhwani’s concept is that you can grow business and employ people, which they aim to achieve with FUNAAB students,”

he said.


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In another FUNAAB development

The Vice-Chancellor, Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAB), Professor Kolawole Salako, recently commissioned and handed over the College of Food Science and Human Ecology (COLFHEC) phase II to the College for use.

Speaking at the commissioning ceremony, held recently, Salako expressed joy and satisfaction at the quality of work done and the readiness of the building for use.

He said having additional infrastructure would always improve the situation of things on campus.

“There are sufficient offices for professors, other lecturers and non-teaching staff. Also, the offices designed for the professors are befitting and of standard, ” he said, pointing out that while the construction was on-going, they were able to improve on the plan and the specifications as a result of which a standard building was constructed for the college.”

He observed that the building will enhance teaching and research because of the laboratories put in place and a conducive environment for both lecturers and other staff to function.

Source: ThisDay

The Students’ Union President of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Ayobami Popoola, has been suspended for two weeks over an alleged misappropriation of N612,000.

According to the Clerk, Taiwo Ola, the President loaned the Vice President N50,000; the General Secretary borrowed N90,000; the Assistant General Secretary was also loaned N45,000; the Welfare Director borrowed N70,000; Sports Director collected N30,000 and Director of Finance also borrowed N70,000 while other three members of the union were loaned N84,000. This brought the total amount of money loaned out from the union purse to N439,000.

Other misappropriated funds were said to be for ”refreshments, world cup subscription and purchase of unapproved accessories which summed up to N173,000.”

More so, the parliamentarians accused Mr Popoola of supporting an act of impersonation of other co-signatories to the Students’ Union account which enabled him to have unrestricted access to funds belonging to students.

Mr Ola, however, said the parliament has ordered the “freezing of the Union’s account till after investigations by the house”.

Also, the Social Director of the Union, Olalekan Ola, was directed by the parliament to refund N128,000 realised from sales of freshers’ party ticket on or before November 17.

“The law is respecter of nobody. The suspended president who is the orchestrator of the misappropriated funds is to appear before the Ethics, Privileges and Disciplinary Committee of the House, which has been empowered to carry out holistic investigations on the allegations within two weeks,” the clerk said.

Reacting to the suspension on behalf of the president and other union officers, who did not respond to phone calls and text messages at the time filling this report, the General Secretary of the Union, Opeyemi Awolowo said in a statement obtained by PREMIUM TIMES that the president’s suspension “is a miscarriage of decision by the SRA”.

He, however, did not directly address the allegations of misappropriation of funds.

“It is shameful and doleful that the SRA are always never commending the SRA (SUG) for whatever good works we have done. It should be noted that the university did not have SUG for about two years. Thus, this administration is trying her best to correct existing abnormalities and bring back the relevance of our dear union.”

Mr Awolowo said the “staged” suspension is as a result of ”personal beef (antagonism) and personal interests”.

“The action by the SRA is to intentionally cripple the grown up (growing up of) the Union by suspending the president,” he said.

On Monday, the authorities of another institution, Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic, also in Ogun State, suspended the student union public relations officer for a session and sanctioned other executives for alleged misappropriation of union funds.

PREMIUM TIMES learnt that the suspension of the officer, Caleb Ijioma, was pronounced by the rector of the institution, Jumoke Bilesanmi.



Application closes on Friday, 21st September, 2018
Eligible candidates are to access the
Admission Portal CLICK HERE  to “Apply for Admission” and enter their JAMB UTME or JAMB Direct Entry Registration Numbers to generate and print out their Application Invoice.

Application Fee: Two Thousand Naira
(N2,000.00) only, excluding REMITA charges.
After payment, candidates are to proceed to FUNAAB Admission Portal and complete the e-application form as appropriate.
The Pre-Admission Screening Exercise is Computer-based and holds between Monday, 24th and Wednesday, 26th September, 2018 .

UTME and DE candidates are to visit FUNAAB Admission Portal from Monday, 17th September, 2018 to check and print the schedule (venue, date and time) for their Computer-Based Test.
DE candidates are further expected to have submitted their transcript not later than Friday, 28th September, 2018 and can checktheir Transcript Processing Status for verification.
For more info subscribe to our news letter or turn on website post notification.


It was jubilation galore at the studio as news filtered in and rented the air that National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has granted FUNAAB Radio 89.5 permission for full transmission.

The detail of approval for the full transmission was contained in a letter signed by the Secretary, National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), Mrs. Alheri Saidu on behalf of the Director-General, with effect from June 21, 2018.


According to the Coordinator, FUNAAB Radio, 89.5, Mr. Ayo Arowojolu, the implication of the approval is that FUNAAB Radio can now broadcast commercials like other radio stations operating in the country.


He also added that NBC has also registered the Radio Station with a brand new trade mark known as “The Sound of Abundance,” to replace its former slogan, “The Best Radio on Radio.”


Test transmission for the radio station commenced on March 26, 2018 after the certification of its equipment was carried out by NBC team that visited the University to inspect the station’s facilities.


It would be recalled that the dream for FUNAAB Radio started in 2009, coincidentally, nurtured by the then Director, Agricultural Media Resources and Extension Centre (AMREC) and the present Vice-Chancellor, Professor Kolawole Salako.


The elated Coordinator, FUNAAB Radio described the radio station as dynamic, as it reaches out to diverse audience that cut across the elites, scholars, students/youths, farmers, artisans and many more.

Source: FUNAAB Website

It is golden and vital to write to the whole Student populace on this auspicious day about the decision of the House on this day, 11th August,2018.

Going by the axiom, Knowledge is power and also, wisdom is profitable to direct. I will like to give an explicit explanation of the perceived reasons behind the suspension.

The SSRC got a notice of an emergency sitting which was honoured. The President was to give the account of the state of the Union which he did. It should be chronicled and spread round that Popoola Ayobami, Da Silva is a man of integrity. What led to his suspension is what the House called Misappropriation of fund. It is important to note that as a sound Student of finance and accounting that we have what is called below-the-line items of budget. These are items that are not in the “provisional warrant” (Budget) but can be incurred if found incidental to be beneficial, also, we have “discretionary spending”. This means incurring relevant expenses which are not covered by the budget. The BMC upon enquiry noticed that a total sum of #439,000 was spent outside the provision of the budget which is as follows;

• Borrowed some Union officers loan and some Students who were in need. Out of the total sum of #439,000, the total sum of #299,000 has been recouped while left with the total sum of #140,000 which is yet to attain maturity date. Loans given out were not for personal use but to help Students through the Executives. It should be printed in the heart of Students that the President never withdraw money for himself or Personal Use. Some extra budgetary spending which are not chronicled include Welfarism (Snacks and Drinks) of;
√ Departmental Secretaries
√ College Bursar’s
√ College Secretaries
This was done to ensure that they make the SUG receipt a prerequisite to signing course form and getting exam pass. A move that yielded a great results (discretionary spending).

It is note worthy that the Union also spent #15,000 on the procurement of SUG TASK FORCE JACKET which is meant for Transportation Regulation and Struggle & Prompt Intervention. (Discretionary spending)
Also, the SUG Bus was taken to Asaba for NANS Pre-Convention got spoilt at Okada in Edo State for 5 days and a sum of #10,000 was used to facilitate the movement of the Bus to FUNAAB where proper mechanical attention is being given as the damage caused is over #60,000.

To mention but a few. It is shameful and doleful that the SRA are always never commending the SSRC for whatever good works we have done. It should be noted that the University did not have SUG for about 2 years. Thus, this administration TEAM REBIRTH is trying her best possible to correct existing abnormalities and bring back the relevance of our dear Union. It is on record that the following have been done.
1. Extension of O’level results verification. (A movement that might have cost over 2,800 their studentship)
2. Extension of School fees and Course registration for three consecutive time without penalty.
3. Facilitation of INFACAS in conjunction with the Alumni Body. “About 30 shuttle buses set to arrive by second semester”
4. Proper monitoring of the Health Centre for prompt medical attention to Students and provision of drugs.
5. Facilitation of lectures to always start by 9a.m to curtail the transportation issues.
6. Prompt response to security and medical issues to mention but a few. It is not until a physical house is build that we have achieved but, it should be known that we are just getting started as we have 3months left to prove our integrity to FUNAABITES.

However, it should be noted that the SSRC in her discretion requested for the list of 5 sittings of the SRA on the 16th July, 2018 as it has been noticed that out of 89, less than 50 were always available at sittings and which the SSRC were present. This was requested not as an overstretched of the SSRC prying into the affairs of the SRA but for modalities. It was doleful that the SRA saw the request as a slap on the face of the SRA and concurrently in written insulted the SSRC and brought a letter of request for part of payment of SRA’s Budget which totalled to #632,460. The SSRC sent a letter of reminder that a letter of request has been made earlier by the SSRC which was not attended to and on that note, the letter for fund was not attended to. Upon deliberations by the SSRC, the SSRC approved a total sum of #164,000 for the SRA and duly notified on the 25th July, 2018 pending the time the initial request will be meant.

On this note, it is Crystal clear that the President is very clear and clean of the alleged FINANCIAL Misappropriation as it can be deduced that the staged “Suspension” is as a result of personal grieve, beef and personal interest. This is to note that the action by the SRA is to intentionally cripple the growth of the Union by suspending the President.

When will the SRA stop suspending and indicting ‘FUNAABSU PRESIDENTS’?????
On this note, the SSRC wish the whole Student populace a smooth and interesting holiday.

Comr. Awolowo
General Secretary

I wanted to let you know about an exciting opportunity to participate in an AI workshop taking place in Lagos, Nigeria on the 18th-20th of September.

Presented by one of our Wolfram Ambassadors, Jackreece Ejini, the workshop will focus on the development and deployment of artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches with the Wolfram Language.

Jackreece is an AI researcher, published author and official Wolfram Ambassador. You can find out more about his recent publication, “How to Learn Programming: Navigating the Dense Jungle of Computing, Software and Technology” here:

During the workshop, you will learn how to apply computational thinking to a range of data challenges, whilst at the same time honing your programming, data analysis and machine learning skills for application in a wider context.

As well as a dynamic, example-driven course, you will get the chance to meet and network with other like-minded attendees from across industry and academia in a friendly, collaborative environment.

Places are limited, so please reserve your space by registering, CLICK HERE

Hope to see you there!

Wolfram Events Europe



Organizers of the Who deserves to be awarded event have announced the winners of their photo contest which was carried out on instagram.  The competition which is a build up to the grand finale amidst nominations has had Afolabi peace, a 400 level student of Banking and merge winner of the contest with a total of 421 votes with  Olukoya Oluwadamilola and Adefuye Victoria emerging  2nd and 3rd place respectively.


Grand Winner:  AFOLABI Peace

Department:- Banking and Finance

Gender:- Female

Level:- 400l

Total amount of votes:– 421


1st Runner Up:– OLUKOYA Oluwafemi

Gender:- Male



Total amount of votes:- 342


2nd Runner Up:– ADEFUYE Victoria

Gender:- Female

Department:- AgricEconomics & Farm Management

Level:- 100l

Total number of votes:- 320


Presentation of prizes comes up after resumption!!!

Congratulations 🎊