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The Suspension of the student union President: A miscarriage of decision by the SRA

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It is golden and vital to write to the whole Student populace on this auspicious day about the decision of the House on this day, 11th August,2018.


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Going by the axiom, Knowledge is power and also, wisdom is profitable to direct. I will like to give an explicit explanation of the perceived reasons behind the suspension.

The SSRC got a notice of an emergency sitting which was honoured. The President was to give the account of the state of the Union which he did. It should be chronicled and spread round that Popoola Ayobami, Da Silva is a man of integrity. What led to his suspension is what the House called Misappropriation of fund. It is important to note that as a sound Student of finance and accounting that we have what is called below-the-line items of budget. These are items that are not in the “provisional warrant” (Budget) but can be incurred if found incidental to be beneficial, also, we have “discretionary spending”. This means incurring relevant expenses which are not covered by the budget. The BMC upon enquiry noticed that a total sum of #439,000 was spent outside the provision of the budget which is as follows;

• Borrowed some Union officers loan and some Students who were in need. Out of the total sum of #439,000, the total sum of #299,000 has been recouped while left with the total sum of #140,000 which is yet to attain maturity date. Loans given out were not for personal use but to help Students through the Executives. It should be printed in the heart of Students that the President never withdraw money for himself or Personal Use. Some extra budgetary spending which are not chronicled include Welfarism (Snacks and Drinks) of;
√ Departmental Secretaries
√ College Bursar’s
√ College Secretaries
This was done to ensure that they make the SUG receipt a prerequisite to signing course form and getting exam pass. A move that yielded a great results (discretionary spending).

It is note worthy that the Union also spent #15,000 on the procurement of SUG TASK FORCE JACKET which is meant for Transportation Regulation and Struggle & Prompt Intervention. (Discretionary spending)
Also, the SUG Bus was taken to Asaba for NANS Pre-Convention got spoilt at Okada in Edo State for 5 days and a sum of #10,000 was used to facilitate the movement of the Bus to FUNAAB where proper mechanical attention is being given as the damage caused is over #60,000.

To mention but a few. It is shameful and doleful that the SRA are always never commending the SSRC for whatever good works we have done. It should be noted that the University did not have SUG for about 2 years. Thus, this administration TEAM REBIRTH is trying her best possible to correct existing abnormalities and bring back the relevance of our dear Union. It is on record that the following have been done.
1. Extension of O’level results verification. (A movement that might have cost over 2,800 their studentship)
2. Extension of School fees and Course registration for three consecutive time without penalty.
3. Facilitation of INFACAS in conjunction with the Alumni Body. “About 30 shuttle buses set to arrive by second semester”
4. Proper monitoring of the Health Centre for prompt medical attention to Students and provision of drugs.
5. Facilitation of lectures to always start by 9a.m to curtail the transportation issues.
6. Prompt response to security and medical issues to mention but a few. It is not until a physical house is build that we have achieved but, it should be known that we are just getting started as we have 3months left to prove our integrity to FUNAABITES.

However, it should be noted that the SSRC in her discretion requested for the list of 5 sittings of the SRA on the 16th July, 2018 as it has been noticed that out of 89, less than 50 were always available at sittings and which the SSRC were present. This was requested not as an overstretched of the SSRC prying into the affairs of the SRA but for modalities. It was doleful that the SRA saw the request as a slap on the face of the SRA and concurrently in written insulted the SSRC and brought a letter of request for part of payment of SRA’s Budget which totalled to #632,460. The SSRC sent a letter of reminder that a letter of request has been made earlier by the SSRC which was not attended to and on that note, the letter for fund was not attended to. Upon deliberations by the SSRC, the SSRC approved a total sum of #164,000 for the SRA and duly notified on the 25th July, 2018 pending the time the initial request will be meant.

On this note, it is Crystal clear that the President is very clear and clean of the alleged FINANCIAL Misappropriation as it can be deduced that the staged “Suspension” is as a result of personal grieve, beef and personal interest. This is to note that the action by the SRA is to intentionally cripple the growth of the Union by suspending the President.

When will the SRA stop suspending and indicting ‘FUNAABSU PRESIDENTS’?????
On this note, the SSRC wish the whole Student populace a smooth and interesting holiday.

Comr. Awolowo
General Secretary


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