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Rats don do me strong thing

Hi folks!


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I hope you did enjoy my last post. It’s after dark and I have got Simi’s angelic voice seeping through my hands free hoping it serenade me to sleep.
I have lost count on how many times I did have listened to her album “Simisola” and I have got this one “Gone for good” on repeat right now.

What more can you ask for from the young lady? Talk of quality, production, lyrical content, vocals etc, you’d agree with me the album is top notch.

I’m not writing about Simi today though, so let’s get down to the brass tack for this episode.
It was a terrifying day for me, ask me why? Chill..

We’ve heard stories of rats running rampant everywhere (Garba Shehu told guys why Mr. President couldn’t work in his office), my room was also a victim.

It all started around midnight o, it’s beyond me how these two rats scaled through my door, considering armoury I had put in place. These two apparent lovers, maybe looking for where to pass the night, survived and came in.

Their dazzling wouldn’t allow me sleep, ranging from scavenging for left over inside the waste bin, to eating the woods on the door in their bid to escape.

At some point, It was like playing the popular game “Temple run” when my chi couldn’t take it any longer and tried see if I could kill these things and get some good sleep.

My unwelcomed nocturnal beings wouldn’t allow me sleep, not until 4:00am and I’d be having an 8:00am class so must hit the road before seven; oshamo, life of an undergrad..

I don’t know what it is about time. It tends to flash away when you’re having an exhilarating time or a good sleep, I woke up around six, in a lazy man-like rolled to the other side of my bed, checked the time on my phone and in a typical procrastinator thinking, told myself to sleep for another 30 minutes, get ready before seven and zoom off to school.

Its not that I slept like that o, just to close my eyes and open it, check the time, it was 7:30am (Jesu!).WTF? This is one of those moments you did wish you had a Barry Allen’s ability. I hurriedly tried to do the necessary stuff and the most annoying part is the number of miles I had to go and fetch water ( Na the life of campite be dat o).

In some 30 minutes, I was all set, ready to hit the road and then I noticed this small hole at the back of the jean I was gonna put on (chai! Rats don do me strong thing). I changed the pair and swooshed off to school, combining my walking and running skills.

It was a busy Monday morning and most people are also trying to get to class ASAP, so transportation was hectic. I fought my way through to get a bus (as a bad sharp guy now)and then the unfortunate happened when the driver requested for our fare.

The pair of jeans I had my cash was the one these rats distorted, and I forgot to collect the cash (Ayemi temi bami!). I thanked my stars it was right there at the car park he requested for the cash, imagine we got to school and I wasn’t able to pay on demand (talking about spoiling my career be that). I had no choice than to go back home and take the money. This is not the way I had hope to start my week, but I had no choice than to run to and fro (close to what Mo Farah won 4 Olympic gold medals for o), got back to the car pack sweating profusely like a convict about to be sentenced.

I got to school around nine, jogged off to class and the most frustrating thing is that the lecturer is not even yet in class (and ASUU go talk say dey wan strike). It was all work from then to six. Imagine 8-6 class, dey wan kill person?

Talking about the Rats now, the battle line has just being drawn. Their mates are in Aso Rock enjoying the life of their head (jaye ori won), these ones are here scavenging for my left over concoction rice.

You’d seen what rat razzmatazz caused me?

Thanks for reading, drop your comments and please share with friends.

Written by Kelekun Oluwaseun


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