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Love Labyrinth

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Hola everyone!

It’s been quite a while since we last did this. Forgive me though, these gadgets could be unpredictable.
A lot happened during the course of the break, but lets’ talk about something I’da TV never talked about before.

What more can you say about love?

You’re so deeply in love with someone, but he/she is into someone else. Ironically, a soul loves you with the whole of his/her heart, willing to save you from the clutches of a dragon, but unfortunately, you don’t feel the same way. Talking about playing your penalty to throw – in

Quite stupefying I’m blogging about love in this episode. I’ve never been the lovey-dovey type and should probably take a  LOVE101 course. Also, considering I rarely fall in love [forget those misplaced feelings we ought to be channeling to our studies back then as a teenager], I have this piece a friend shared with me, and that’s what we’re gonna be doing today. So folks, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of this episode.

One major/crucial thing that promotes a relationship is ‘communication’. How well you guys get into conversation, knowing when to do the serious talks, when to talk dirty and also, when to do the hilarious bit, could go a long way in maintaining a healthy relationship. The days of free midnight calls made a lot of relationships grow!

A very good friend of mine, who I know quite sucks at keeping/engaging in a long conversation [one thing he is trying to improve though]. The best he could keep up a discussion at some point was forty seconds, asking the Nigerian guys routine questions like ‘have you eaten?’ or ‘how was your day?’ That was all it was for him back in the day.

Apparently, there was a gorgeous lady he was seeing, things moved on well and  they got intimate and like most guys, we all fantasize how the lady of our dreams should look like, but as gorgeous as this babe was, she came nowhere close to being the lady he had always fantasized about.

He finds it very easy and comfortable to engage in discussions with her and could talk to any length. A minute is never enough to talk to her on phone and so doesn’t call and as the hustling chap, airtime no too dey.. Call me cheap but when all these telcos go carry midnight call come back ehn?

Surprisingly, he had deleted her number for quite sometimes already in a bid to deter himself from being a “no life guy”, cos after talking to her for let’s say three minutes, in some two hours he’d be having the urge to wanting to speak with her again.


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Somehow, he does get the number back and naturally with anyone you talk to alot, the babe’s number was tattooed in his subconscious.

love labyrinthThe “koko” of you being in love is you wanting to hear this individual’s voice over and over again, always care for him/her and all that, so I asked him if he is in love. He said,

“ Seun, I asked myself that same question for a number of times and didn’t want to espouse that, but as much as I tried fight back this strange feeling, the more it keeps coming back”.

In one of their long deep conversation he asked a random question and which led to him confessing how he feels for her, but unfortunately [or maybe otherwise ], she was with someone else. He wasn’t hurt nor heartbroken [though was sincerely dejected], but letting out the feeling was more of a soothing relief for him. He had to move on and one thing he should probably be a LASTMA awardee for is how well he moved on; shxt’s never easy!

On the flip side, there  was this babe, she set die! Remember Chelsea’s 3-4-3 formation last season? They still didn’t have anything on the babe!  Babe was into this my guy and all she only  wants from him is to reciprocate this feeling, but no, it wouldn’t just happen. The anguish of misplaced feelings.

Confusing right? Yeah that’s how love could be a total labyrinth.

I was at a friend’s place some couple of days back and saw these young lovers cuddling. These young folks were so much drunk in love and the sight of this got me thinking.

The world’s population is estimated at over 7 billion people. Someone somewhere will love you as much as you do love them. It probably might take time for them to come around, but they’d surely come your way.
I’m all mushy and emotional huh?

Anyway leave me a comment below telling me about a  complicated time you have been in love.

Kelekun Oluwaseun


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