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FUNAAB Students Union Elects First Female President

The whole environment of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta was set in a frenzy mood yesterday as the Students Supreme Ruling Cabinet election was done. Initially, the election was meant to hold on Wednesday, March 6 2019 but couldn’t due to logistics issue from the ICT unit so the Computer Based election was transformed into a Paper Based election and fixed for the next day Thursday, March 7 2019.

The election scheduled for 10am started around 1pm, the students were distributed into 5 polling units with two colleges in each units which goes thus


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1000 seater Lecture Theatre –
Julius Okojie Lecture Theatre –
College of Engineering Auditorium –
Multipurpose Building 01 –
Mahmood Yakubu Hall –

No form of violence occurred at any of the units thus the election was peacefully conducted. The election ended by 2pm while counting process started immediately and continued till late in the night. Results from the election goes thus

Office of the Public Relations
Waslaw (was unopposed) – 3,396

Office of the Sports Directorate
Omeiza – 2029
A. David – 1229
Void – 321
Rejected – 83

Office of Social Director
Preshiee – 1964
Pelexy – 1564
Void – 249
Rejected – 73

Office of the Treasury
MM – 861
Drey – 2495

Office of the Financial Secretary
Handy – 1841
Breeze – 1605
Void – 334
Rejected – 69

Welfare Director
Matom – 940
Shadow – 2618
Void – 257
Rejected – 36

Assisting General Secretary
Flexy – 1968
Prince Will – 1467
Void – 296
Rejected – 36

General Secretary
Bimfo – 1688
Ambowoo – 1873
Void – 283
Rejected – 102

Vice President
Toleen – 2012
Hon. Success – 1438
Void – 294
Rejected – 13

D’ola – 2320
Carbon 5 – 1032
Provost – 68
Egalitarian – 146

After the counting process, the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta Independent Electoral Commission (FUNIEC) announced the elected aspirants for each offices which goes thus

P. R. O. = Comr. Waslaw
Sports Director = Comr. Omeiza
Social Director = Comr. Preshiee
Treasurer = Comr. Drey
Financial Director = Comr. Handy
Welfare Director = Comr. Shadow
Assistant General Secretary = Comr. Flexy
General Secretary = Comr. Ambowoo
Vice President = Comr. Toleen

With the cabinet to be headed by Adeola Tawakalt (Comr. D’ola)

Adeola Tawakalt, FUNSAB SUG

Even though the decision of Comr. D’ola in contesting for the position of the FUNAABSU President was met with various obstacles and critics she still manage to emerge as the First Female President ever.

Stay glued to our social media platforms as we unveil the identity of the newly elected Supreme Students Ruling Council plus an exclusive interview with the newly elected President Comr. D’ola


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